New Reading glasses

Fashion Eyewear trends for Spring-Summer 2023

The Fashion Eyewear trends for Spring-Summer 2023 is definitely the brand new "Disco Dynamite" collection. A collection of reading glasses inspired by the 80's and their chic and vibrant style. A collection of high quality readers, a bit vintage and extravagant. These original magnifying glasses are designed in France by Maison K-EYES, always in family and with a lot of love. New models of men's reading glasses and women's reading glasses designed to assert and reveal your personality.---
Do you ask yourself what glasses frames are fashionable now ? You can find out this season our oversized cat eye frame which is the trend for 2023 eye glasses or you can expect more minimalist reading glasses frames with vintage mix and match colors and retro patterns. The best reading glasses are designed by K-EYES who always cares the eyeglasses frames make you look younger. In addition, we offer a choice of eyesights adapted to your needs from +1.00 to +3.50 for a clear near vision and thus preserve your eyes. Our pairs of quality reading glasses are ideal for women and men with presbyopia.

This collection of original readers slightly too much and certainly vintage offers mix of colors highly inspired by the 80s for a very vibrant result. K-EYES offers you the disco dynamite effect with its latest K38 model a big glasses coming back with its ultra feminine and very oversized cat eye frame that will assert your style. For a rounder and more essential frame while remaining original, the K37 model is the ideal resistant pair of men's reading glasses. Thanks to our selection of trendy women's reading glasses and quality men's reading glasses, you are bound to find out the most flattering eyeglasses.