Reading glasses

Reading glasses for Men & Women

Reading glasses have corrective lenses to improve near vision. Each pair of K-EYES reading glasses for women and men is treated with anti-dust and anti-scratch coating. For for nearly 20 years K-EYES has been the leading brand of reasonably priced reading glasses. ---

When are reading glasses needed?

The need to wear reading glasses appears around the age of 40, although it is also possible to develop presbyopia at an earlier age. You need reading glasses if you experience discomfort while reading or with meticulous work such as handling small objects: model making, embroidery, creative hobbies... With convex magnifying lenses, reading glasses can improve your daily life by making near vision clearer and more comfortable.

A selection of fancy reading glasses that will make you happy

Discover our original reading glasses with fancy and colourful frames, you are sure to find the pair of glasses that best matches your style. K-EYES has been designing reading glasses since 2004, in various shapes and shimmering colours, each one trendier than the last.

Did you know changing glasses regularly is good for morale? There is such a thing as spectacle weariness syndrome (SWS), which primarily affects women. This is a very serious subject, a real emotional tiredness from wearing the same glasses over and over again. If you feel depressed and don’t know why, don’t hesitate to shake it up by changing glasses to boost you mind and your eyes.