Blue light glasses

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Blue light glasses for monitors

Blue light glasses protect the eyes from screens and monitors, acting as a filter between the eye and an artificial light source: TV, computer, tablet, smartphone...---

Although it is not entirely visible to the naked eye, artificial blue light emitted by LED displays and lamps is harmful to our eyes. Extended exposure to blue light causes eye fatigue, while chronic exposure can lead to serious diseases such as cataracts and retina damage. Anyone regularly exposed to artificial blue light should protect their eyes with anti blue light glasses. This is essential if you work in front of a monitor all day.

Protect your eyes from monitors in style

K-EYES, specialist in reading glasses, offers you a wide range of anti blue light glasses for monitors, with or without eyesight correction with a dioptre ranging from +1 to +3. Each pair of anti blue light glasses is treated with a coating that filters the harmful blue light rays produced by screens and monitors. The lenses have a slight purple reflection, characteristic of this type of glasses.

Round, rectangular, wood effect or retro, our anti-blue light frames (or computer glasses) designed for students, professionals, people with presbyopia, and just about anyone who spends many hours in front of a screen or monitor every day, for work or leisure.