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K-Eyes Sunglasses UV protection for Women and Men

A collection of original UV protection sunglasses to preserve your visual assets. More than a must-have fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from repeated exposure to UV rays.

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Because your health is paramount, our trendy and affordable sunglasses for women and men all feature CE marking and UV 400 protection, blocking the sun’s harmful rays.
Our online eyewear catalogue contains a large selection of sunglasses with contrasting shapes and colours: round, rectangular, classic, butterfly, pilot, oversized or thin frame… The sunglasses you’ve always dreamed of are bound to be from K-EYES: you will find the right pair for you!

How to choose your sunglasses?

Ideally you would fall for a pair of sunglasses you find comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly that suits you. In order to choose the best glasses for you, there are a few simple rules that apply to both women and men. Because not all frames suit everyone the same, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect match.

  • If you have a round face: choose a dark frame with a square, rectangular, pilot or cat eye shape to refine the curve of your face. Avoid round glasses if you want to play it safe, they are hit or miss because they make round faces look rounder.
  • You have a square face: large, wide and coloured frames are perfectly adapted to your face. Round, oval, pilot and cat eye frames are perfectly suitable to soften a square face. Avoid square or small frames.
  • For a triangular face, we recommend round, cat eye or pilot frames whose shapes widen the upper part of the face. On the other hand, square and rectangular frames have the opposite effect.
  • An oval face is compatible with all shapes of sunglasses: round, oval, rectangular, butterfly, pilot and cat eye frames. Still, you’ll want to make sure the frame isn’t wider than your face, while avoiding large frames which would not be flattering.
  • If you have a rectangular face, go for large sunglasses with round or pilot frames to balance the shape of your face by making it look a bit wider in the middle. Colour wise, neutral and natural colours will best highlight your features.

Regardless of the shape of your face, the top of your sunglasses’ frame should follow the natural curve of your eyebrows without hiding them. When the frame is superimposed on eyebrows, it tends to harden facial features. In general, the frame should not be wider than your face at cheekbone level. Whether they are prescription glasses, sunglasses or both, the frame and lenses should not touch your cheeks or eyelashes.