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K-Eyes Sunglasses UV protection for Women Men

An original collection of UV protection sunglasses to protect your visual assets. You have probably already heard about the sun capital for the skin, it is the same for the eyes.

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Because the health of your eyes comes first, our cheap and trendy sunglasses for women and men get all CE marked and feature UV400 protection that blocks the sun's harmful rays.

Our online eyewear catalog contains a large selection of sunglasses with contrasting shapes and colors : round, rectangular, classic, butterfly, pilot, oversized or thin frame sunglasses... The sunglasses you've always dreamed of is bound to be K-EYES. You will find the pair of sunglasses that matches your face and gives you an advantage.

How to choose your sunglasses ?

Let yourself be tempted by a comfortable pair of sunglasses that you like and that also fits us. We are here to help you choose the right pair of sunglasses according to the shape of your face. There are a few simple rules to apply to both men and women. Because not all frames are suitable for everyone, here are a few tips to help you choose your sunglasses.

  • You have a round face: choose a dark or dark colored frame with a squared, rectangular, pilot or cat's eye shape to refine the curve of your face. You will avoid round glasses which are not adapted to your morphology.
  • You have a square face: large, wide and colored frames are perfectly adapted to the shape of your face. The round, oval, pilot and cat's eye frames are perfectly suitable to soften the proportions of the square face. Don't choose a square bezel or a small frame.
  • The triangular face will be softened by a round frame, cat's eye or pilot whose shape allows to widen the upper part of the face. On the other hand you will have to give up the square and rectangular shapes because it would produce the opposite effect.
  • The oval face matches all the shapes of sunglasses: round, oval, rectangular, butterfly, pilot and cat's eye frames. It will be necessary all the same to make sure that the frame is not wider than the face, while avoiding the large frames which would not be valorizing.
  • If you have a rectangular face choose a large round or pilot sunglasses that will balance the shape of your face by enlarging the central part. Side tint prefer a neutral or natural color which will be able to emphasize you.

Whatever the shape of your face, the top of the frame of your sunglasses should follow the natural curve of your eyebrows without masking them completely. Indeed when the frame is superimposed on the eyebrows it tends to harden the features. As a general rule, the width of the frame should not exceed the width of the face at the level of the cheekbones. That it is about glasses of sight or sunglasses, the frame like the lenses will not have to be in contact with your cheekbones and your lashes.