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New reading glasses collection

Reading glasses Spring/Summer 2022

Maison K-EYES® unveils its new reading glasses collection Spring/Summer 2022 "La Riviera". This collection showcases K-EYES' most iconic frames in energetic and elegant colours: neon, fades that look like refreshing cocktails and patterns inspired by nature for an original look bursting with passion. An ode to the bourgeois elegance of 1960s French Riviera, opulence and love for a hot & cheerful summer.

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Reading glasses for men and reading glasses for women, with an elegant style and bright colours. French Riviera's singular charm is on the spotlight for this New Collection Spring/Summer 2022. These new glasses are ideal to perfect your unique style and stand out from the crowd this summer.

Our Design Team is always hard at work coming up with quality original reading glasses. This season, our reading glasses feature a savant mix of wild prints, neon colours and cocktail-style fades. We are proud to announce that 2022's trendiest glasses come from K-EYES. Generous and colourful, this collection is our pride and joy.