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Non prescription blue light glasses

Non prescription blue light glasses for screen

Non prescription blue light glasses follow you on a daily basis and protect your eyes by filtering 36% of the blue light emitted by computer screens, smartphones, tablets, televisions...

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Screen glasses without prescription is designed for students and all those who spend many hours in front of their screens on a daily basis.
Note that repeated exposure could have cumulative effects over time, creating a potential long-term risk. Younger people are therefore particularly affected. K-EYES anti-blue light glasses protect the eyes from an early age. It is never too late nor too safe to protect the eyes of teenagers with our glasses that filter blue light and give your eyes a rest. Especially since the screen glasses do not distort what you see. The special computer glasses are also called a yellow computer glasses because the colours perceived hardly draw on yellow, and greatly reduce fatigue and pain in the eyes.
Protect your eyes and those of your children in style with our resting blue blocker glasses !