New in reading glasses collection

New in reading glasses Spring/Summer 2021

Maison K-EYES® unveils new in reading glasses Spring/Summer 2021 «Parano in Vegas» collection. This capsule collection of colorful magnifying glasses features three shapes you've come to love. These are squared, pilot and geometric shapes for Man and Woman, declined in pop and joyful colors : fushia, tabacco, emerald green and deep blue. Come with us on a crazy fraternal road trip in the heart of a Las Vegas made in Provence.

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The Design Family has drawn for you reading glasses still more original and made of the best quality thanks to the flexible spring hinges and the real lightness of the frames. It is an original men's reading glasses and women's reading glasses with bright and shimmering colors for which we have revisited the flagship frames of Maison K-EYES®. These new products will suit both sober and elegant styles and more daring and assertive ones.