Pantos petite screen eyeglasses

Modèle #K27 EC

34,95 €

Screen eyeglasses Pantos

Screen glasses Pantos are ideal for men and women who spend time in front of their phone or computer.

This pair of screen glasses that fits all styles.

This frame is recommended for thin faces.

Screen eyeglasses for men and women

  • Injection-moulded plastic for men and women
  • Flexible temples and lenses
  • CE Standard
  • +0
  • +1
  • +1.5
  • +2
  • +2.5
  • +3

Blue light glasses Yellow

Screen glasses for thin face

These screen glasses is ideal for thin faces and people working in front of their screen. The frame is classic and contemporary. Its suitable for adults and teenagers. The flex temples offer a real comfort.

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AccessoryFree case
Frame compositionInjected plastic
Dimensions of the frame (frame x temples)132 mm x 138 mm
Dimension of lenses (H x W)37 mm x 43 mm
Nose gap13 mm
Pupillary distance (PD)62±1mm
Flex templesYes
Weight≤ 30 g
European ConformityCE marking
This model meets the European standards for reading glasses with single and near vision (NF EN 14139: 2003) and meets the International standards for corrective eyeglass frames (ISO 16034 / AC1: 2006). It has the CE mark and meets the definition of a medical device (MD) under the European Directive 93/42/EEC.

Quality Screen glasses

Our quality screen glasses filters +30% blue light and allows you to work in good conditions without damaging your eyes. The materials used have been chosen only for optimal comfort and protection. The K-EYES screen glasses revolutionizes your long hours behind your screens at a low price !

Pantos petite screen eyeglasses
Pantos petite screen eyeglasses

Screen design glasses 

These screen design glasses are a safe bet at K-EYES. It protects your eyes from harmful screen lights, while allowing you to wear a screen design glasses. We give a special attention to the shape and color of the glasses by offering you a range of different frames and colors. You can find a classic or more original screen glasses. All our glasses can be match with your tastes and moods !

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