What is presbyopia ?

Presbyopia is a natural aging of the eye that occurs from 40 years. This phenomenon is not a disease but a natural and universal unavoidable evolution. 

The lens (clear lens in the eye) over time loses its elasticity, is hardened, swells, it loses its ability to bulge and accommodate. The vision of close objects is then altered. 

Much like a poorly tuned camera lens, the eye has more difficulty to adjust and to get a clear vision at a usual reading distance, especially when the light is insufficient. Presbyopia can lead to eyestrain or headaches.

sans ses lunettes grand-mère a mal à la tête

Who is affected by presbyopia?

Each individual is affected by presbyopia or will be from the age of 40. Presbyopia is changing rapidly from the onset of its effect until 60, ​​which requires regular changes of power corrective lenses (called the diopter). 

Presbyopia culminated after 65 years and stabilizes thereafter. 

In figures, presbyopia is : 

- 22 Million presbyopics in France

- 160 Million presbyopics in Europe

- 1.7 Billion presbyopics worldwide

- 700,000 new presbyopics annually

- 2.5 Billion presbyopics in the world in 2020

The number of people with presbyopia is not ready to decrease face to the constant increase of aging population.

le monde rempli de presbytes

What solutions for presbyopia ?

When the view is disturbed and becomes painful : 

- It is important to consult an ophthalmologist who will carry out a full assessment of your sight. He will identify your vision problems and will prescribe the correction you need.

- There are several types of correction, single- focus lenses (optical magnification), progressive lenses, double vision lenses.

- It is recommended to change reading glasses when they are not as effective and tailored to your vision.

- You can opt for lenses or resort to laser surgery.

- The easiest and by far the most convenient is to wear reading glasses. There are also on K-EYES  a lot of fashion and colorful reading glasses for presbyopic available on the e-shop

Here is an overview of our flagship models :

lunettes de lecture k-eyes K10 vert-ecaille

Reading glasses reference  K10 vert

Lunettes de lecture K-eyes 3313HD1608 bleu

Reading glasses reference 3313 HD 1608 bleu

Lunettes de lecture K-eyes K16HD1629 ecaille-orange

Reading glasses reference K16 écaille/HD 959 orange

Presbyopic reading glasses of K-EYES

K-EYES is the first designer and manufacturer of original and quality reading glasses designed specifically for presbyopia. 

Since 2004, K-EYES constantly renews its collections and provide models to the latest trends and styles for all, while combining quality and very competitive prices. 

K-EYES is the answer for people with presbyopia who wish to make it an asset. 

Rather than hiding behind ordinary frames, K-EYES creates collections " to show ", reading glasses for people who assumes to wear and which they are proud of. Funny glasses, very colorful and that make us smile, for women and men who want to stand out. 

K-EYES, designer of "pleasure" eyewear to better live presbyopia.

Lunettes de lecture K-eyes K15SCHD1764 bois-saumon

Reading glasses reference K15 SCHD 1764 marbre roux

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