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One for One


One for One.

The idea of One for One is simple : for every pair of eyeglasses purchased, another one is given to a person in need anywhere in the world.
K-EYES® is committed to making a difference. Our One for One program is all about providing eyewear to people who need it for essential everyday activities such as reading, learning, working or playing.

One for One | K-EYES
Avoir un impact positif

Our goal : having a positive impact.

Among the 2.7 billion people who cannot see properly, 700 million need reading glasses. These pre-assembled magnifying glasses have the great advantage of being ready to use without the need for a prior eye exam.
Faced with this terrible situation, we thought about how we could help these millions of visually impaired people around the world. It therefore seemed obvious to us to build a partnership with a French association in order to have the strongest possible impact.


Helpful donations to people in need.

Our One for One program directly supports Lunettes Sans Frontière, an Alsatian donation association dedicated to providing better vision and access to eye care to underserved communities in France, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. The volunteers of this association are in charge of receiving the eyeglasses we send them, cleaning them, sorting them and shipping them for free to clinics, dispensaries and missions that benefit the most disadvantaged visually impaired people in their country.

We are counting on your help to support this incredible association, and thus help many people to see better.

All you have to do is placing an order to change someone's life and eyesight.

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