Our eyewear

How do I know when I need reading glasses ?
Where are your eyeglasses made ?
How to know the composition of your glasses ?
What types of optical lenses do you provide ?
What types of sun lenses do you offer?
How do I keep my glasses in perfect condition?


I would like to order reading glasses, what diopter should I choose?
How do I know if a model is available again ?
How can I be sure that my order is registered?
Can I change/cancel my order?
How do I access to my customer account if I have lost my password?
I placed my order this weekend, when will you ship it?
An item is missing from my order, an item arrived broken or an item is defective, what should I do?
Which shape should I choose? How do I try on a frame?


What are the payment options offered by Maison K-EYES?
Why did my payment fail?


Do I have to pay shipping costs?
How is my order packaged?
How long does it take to ship the package?
How do I track my package?
When will it be delivered?
What if I am not around at the time of delivery?
Which countries do you deliver to?
What should I do if my package seems to be lost or blocked by the carrier?

Returns and refunds

How do I make a return?
What is your refund policy?

Outlets and stockists

Where can I find a list of retailers near me?
I would like to become a retailer, how do I proceed?

Guarantee and satisfaction

What is Maison K-EYES guarantee?
I broke my glasses, are they covered?


How do I use my voucher ? Can I use more than one?
I validated my order but I forgot to insert my voucher number, what should I do?


What is the minimum purchase amount?
Is the shipping free?
My company is abroad, do you ship worldwide?
How long does it take to receive my order?
How do I get my invoice?

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