In France, 22 million people are affected by presbyopia. For more information, read our article dedicated to presbyopia
The objective of K-EYES : nicely and effectively equip the millions of presbyopia. 
For more than 11 years, K-EYES markets its own models under the eponymous brand. 
The company breaks the classic standards of reading glasses that we usually know and is establishing itself as a leader in the market.


K-EYES has known how to imposed itself and conquer displays of pharmacies and the heart of presbyopia with the wide choice offered (over 500 models renewed each years compound of reading glasses and sunglasses with or without correction), to quality glasses with vibrant colors, originality of printings and especially for their small prices.  Nowadays, K-EYES is exporting on several continents (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South-America, Africa, New Caledonia etc.)  Located in the South of France, our team is available to answer your questions and provide you the best quality service.


Join the K-EYES experience !

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