K-EYES®, a French family-owned company born in France not far from Saint-Tropez, has been designing creative and iconic eyewear since 2004. Above all, it's a family affair and a matter of taste.


K-EYES® is a French family company born in Provence not far from Saint-Tropez, which designs joyful eyewear. Behind the colorful universe of the house, there is a love story between Sylvie and Nasser Kharboutli, entrepreneurs and adventurers. They discovered the first original reading glasses during their holidays in Los Angeles (USA) by the end of the 90s. They found the idea of making reading glasses a fashion accessory so amazing that they decided to import the concept in France. The couple then had the idea and the desire to design their own models. During a trip in Asia, they met by chance the person who will manufacture their future eyeglasses. Shortly after, they launched a first collection of readers with few half-moon shape frames with polka dots and animal patterns.

This is the beginning of a great adventure ! In 2004, K-EYES is officially born.

Starting from scratch, the couple from the South of France set up their headquarters at their home from where they managed the collections, logistics, shipping, orders, sales from their garage. First distributed to professionals, the brand quickly grown up in drugstores and opticians in Paris, seduced by all these colorful eyeglasses. The eyewear was very popular and quickly became a success. At the time, there was little competition and ecommerce was still non-existent.

In 2015, the company launches a redesign of its website, by early 2016 it becomes merchant and is now open to online retail. K-EYES glasses are now sold all over the world!


From the design of the frame in our workshop in the South of France, through production in Taiwan by a trusted family-owned company, to worldwide sales, every stage of the manufacturing process is exclusively handled by our teams. Our Design Team creates each model according to its own inspirations. Instead of following the trends imposed by the dictates of fashion, we prefer to adapt our designs with the tastes of our customers. Thus, we choose to offer a wide selection of models to meet everyone's expectations. K-EYES has always aimed to democratize reading glasses as a fashion accessory.

We also and above all pay attention to the quality of our products. By selecting first-class materials for our frames and lenses, we guarantee our customers optimal comfort and robustness at a fair price. While our competitors multiply their margins, we limit our own. This allows us to achieve the best price while still offering the best quality. The secret? A family know-how based on love of detail, the demand for quality and the desire to make a great change in the world of eyewear.

We also stand for "Women Empowerment". On the one hand, because we have chosen to bring together mainly female talents, sources of inspiration, courage and empathy. Moreover, at the head of K-EYES, Sylvie Kharboutli, girl boss, mother and true wildcard, managing her family and her team with love. Even men of the team uphold this same value. We all work with the same kindliness and good mood.


Over time, the team has grown and the couple are still running the company. From now on, glasses are designed by the couple and their daughter, Maria, since she joined the company in 2015. Together, they create models with increasingly daring and unusual shapes, worthy of designer frames. The only difference ? Price. Today, new talents have joined the K-EYES® family which has become a small human-scale French company.

Our common goal : to make quality eyewear accessible to all at low prices while providing the best possible service to all our customers.